What Commercial Electric Meat Grinder do you need?

Electric Meat Grinders--A life-saver!

Eventually everyone gets exhausted from turning that crank on the meat grinder & they start looking for a way to save some time.

There are a number of good electric meat grinders out there for one to choose from. There are many sizes also available depending on your own needs. If you really don't need a large electric meat grinder, there is a great small meat grinder made by a company named ProProcessor #12. It is really well made and has exceptional power for such a small machine.It comes with large stainless steel tray, pan, knife, plate, auger, and head. Not only can this electric meat grinder grind meat, it can be made into a tenderizer or a vegetable slicer simply with the Hobart style attachments. So if you are needing a smaller meat grinder, this is the one for you!

There is a big jump in the selling price for the next level of machine. This is because these machines are larger electric meat grinders and are required to grind lots of meat rather quickly. The #32 Electric Grinder has a 2 hp 220 v.a.c. motor. It is all stainless steel. You can expect to get a lot finished with this electric meat grinder.

An even more powerful electric meat grinder is the Model TC42A Meat Grinder. It is heavier than the #32 grinder, but weight is not all bad on a machine that doesn't get moved around too much. It allows you to fill the larger meat pan and push down on it without tipping the machine. The TC42A electric meat grinder has a single handle locking mechanism that releases the chamber for easy cleaning. It's operation is durable and heat free. The motor is 5 hp so there's more than plenty of power to do whatever you wish. The chamber of this electric meat grinder is completely stainless steel. The TC42A also uses the larger 5 inch plates. This grinder can really put it out!